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Helping You Discover Your Authentic Self

Helping You Discover Your Authentic Self

Are you ready to make soul led choices to live an authentic life?

If the answer is yes, then I believe that every action, moment and experience has led you here, to me. Together as equals we will co-create a magical life for you. Come as you are and be ready to shift your life in unimaginable ways.

Say Hello to your coach, Shivani!

Deeply rooted in the belief that you already hold the power to live your wildest dreams, it’s time to realise your potential.

My promise is to hold the biggest and most beautiful safe space, for you. A place for you to untangle your thoughts, discover your superpowers and find your true purpose.

Together, we will take bold steps towards living a life aligned with your core values and most authentic self.

Gold Standard in Coaching. Shivani is a member of the ICF:

International Coaching Federation

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The duration of each session is approximately one hour.

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Life Coaching is a magical transformational process to help close the gap from where you are to where you want to be.

By focusing on the present and the future, coaching aims to bring more awareness and empowerment to you by allowing you to tap into your own inner wisdom. A Coach’s responsibility is to create the biggest and most beautiful space for you to identify your strengths, birth new insights to improve the quality of your life and make changes that are sustainable and long lasting.

Coaching sessions are available early morning, evenings or weekends. Availability is limited, and I recommend booking in advance.

Discovery Calls are currently only available on a Monday evening, Wednesday evening or Saturdays. However, if these dates don’t suit you, please send me a message and I’ll see what I can do to accommodate you.

The beauty of coaching is that it is suitable for all age ranges.

A Discovery Call is a beautiful way to get to know each other ahead of the coaching agreement. It’s a great opportunity to see how well we align, so that I can deliver the best possible service to you.

Whilst a Discovery Call is not essential, I would highly recommend one before we work together. All Discovery Calls are free of charge and last for around 30-40 minutes.

Absolutely! Coaching is completely client based, so if you feel that you want to create a package that is more suitable to your needs, please send me what it is you’re looking for and I can work out the prices for you. Please allow 48 hours for a response.