"The Coach You Need"

Working with Shivani has been a breath of fresh air. She has coached me through some low time and high times, remaining calm and patient throughout it all. I have learned so much about myself through working with Shivani, and truly feel equipped to not only dream big, but also achieve those dreams. I feel very grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Shivani and uncover more about myself, it was super enjoyable and I felt as though I could share anything with my coach. I would really recommend Shivani as a coach as she is relatable, extremely kind, and comforting without being overbearing. She is the friend and coach you need in your life!


"trust that you are in a judgement free zone"

Working with Shivani has been truly life changing. From working through my own limiting beliefs, learning to trust my intuition, to setting healthy boundaries, Shivani has helped me to understand what it means to live with an abundant mindset and achieve what ever I set my intention to. Leaning on her own life journey, you can trust that you are in a judgement free zone, with Shivani by your side helping you to overcome any hurdle you may face. Shivani is warm, reliable and a safe pair of hands and I could not recommend her enough to anyone looking for a coach or in need of a helping hand in life.

T. S
Management Consultant

"I Felt Safe To Bring My Full Self"

Working with Shivani allowed me to turn deeper inwards to explore my emotions, thoughts, beliefs and patterns so I could better discern what I needed to change. Because of her ability to ask powerful questions and offer meaningful reflections in a compassionate and calm demeanor, I felt safe to bring my full self to each session allowing for meaningful change. It is clear that Shivani’s ability to hold and create space for others is deeply influenced by her own self-discovery and growth.


"Trustworthy Guidance"

Working with Shivani has been such a positive experience. Shivani helped me overcome limiting beliefs, ignited my forward momentum, and sparked excitement for reaching the next level.

Her trustworthy guidance and reflective approach allowed me to dream big and create meaningful action steps to help me get closer to reaching my goals. Grateful beyond words!


"I highly Recommend Shivani"

My time with Shivani being my life coach was great. She listened deeply, showed empathy, guided me to my own conclusions and shared some great tips to help me get there. What I particularly liked was that she shared her own experiences when exploring certain topics and other similar experiences she’s heard about, which showed me I was not alone with the things I’m going through and that me and my life are pretty normal! She was very complimentary and really understood my concerns. I’ve made a few changes in my life through our coaching sessions and I’m definitely more positive and ensure I take time to understand what’s really going on in my mind or a situation. I highly recommend Shivani - thanks again for all the great insights you taught me!

n. K. B

"Shattering my own limiting beliefs"

I began searching for life coaching after a difficult year of personal loss in my own life. I was particularly struggling with the heavy burden of work, the sudden emptiness of losing a life partner and a sense of 'is this what my life is destined to be like?'

Coming across Shivani's life coaching services, reached out having been particularly drawn to Shivani's own life experiences, especially coming from an Asian background where there is a social stigma in talking about your feelings. Shivani guided me through the concept of toxic positivity and how trying to force a constant positive mindset is not healthy given you're actually ignoring your problems.

Shivani's techniques on trying to improve iteratively, day by day, rather than focussing on a long term aspirational goal has really allowed me to grow and heal as a person as well as shattering my own limiting beliefs.


"really safe & collaborative environment"

I wasn't sure what to expect with life coaching and went in a bit apprehensive but was instantly calmed and relaxed with Shivani's energy. I thought I was going to be talked at and told what to do but found myself in a really safe and collaborative environment in which Shivani helped me work through some blockages that I was struggling to get past and helped me with ideas on how to implement these.

Shivani is a beautiful soul who genuinely wants the best for you and coaching with her feels like having your own personal cheerleader who is able to help you dig deep and find the answers that are already within you.


"Deep & Meaningful Conversations"

Shivani has been one of the kindest and most beautiful souls I have ever met. Despite dealing with her own stresses and life, she took the time to have deep and meaningful conversations with me when I was going through a difficult time. She didn't just throw quotes and affirmations at me, she genuinely cared about me and gave careful guidance based on my current state of mind and heart. She taught me the importance of not punishing or criticising myself for my past but instead learning how I can move forward and close the gap from where I am now to where I want to be.

With her own experiences, she takes the time to carefully understand that everyone processes life differently and doesn't push or pressurise you to move fast. She made me feel comfortable, warm and soulful. I look forward not only to working with Shivani in the future but watching a beautiful friendship blossom. Lots of love to you Shivani, thank you for becoming a part of my healing journey XXX


"The Ideal Life Coach"

I had received a complimentary session with Shivani and let's just say she has a way with her words! She instantly made me feel calm and put my thoughts into perspective. I have been seeking a life coach for some time now and from the one hour we had spent together virtually, it was honestly eye opening!
Once my schedule allows me to have some free time, I know that I will be working with Shivani in the future. If you have been looking for direction and perspective in your life, trust me Shivani is the person to go to! She is the ideal life coach x

M. R

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